Jablonex Recycled Beads has born to help saving the resources of a rich and beautiful landscape such as the Jizera Mountains.




Do you know the Glass Museum in Jablonec nad Nissou?


Have a look at our


Recycled glass beads and buttons

Mixing an old technique with Jablonex most recent findings in our research for a sustainable glass:

recycling bottles and jars from the food sector.

Although made in a similar way, our beads are not comparable with traditional beads.

Our size range go from 2,5 to 10mm in order to maintain stability and endurance of the pieces.

We do not use some traditional coatings, since, some of them do not follow the standards of hazardous substances.

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We offer 2 groups of products

Jablonex Recycled Beads are certified to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), which certifies recycled glass from the source to final product and they comply with REACH standard.

Our products don’t contain any chemicals or hazardous substances of any kind. 


To give our certified products a colourful finish, they can be coated with a choice of different coatings that comply with REACH standard. 

Proposed coatings are mechanical, not chemical. 

Constant Research & Development

Constant R&D allows us to bring new product to live every year. We started three years ago with an idea that seemed impossible. Thanks to the persistency of our team we made lots of tests until we found the good results.

Being certified made us realised we needed to change some things and so we did. 

Our persistance has proven us that hard work and a great team, can bring you anywhere you want.

Now, we are looking for perfection with new bases for buttons and beads.


Bases and Coatings endurance


From light green being the WEAKEST 

to dark green being the STRONGEST